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New Guests


You're in great hands! We promise!

All of our staff are professionally trained estheticians. We take sanitation and professionalism very seriously. All of our team members take continuing education regularly and are always on top of the newest techniques and trends.  


Feel free to drop by the spa, ask questions and learn more about how we take care of our clients. 


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Before You Come

Please try to arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your appointment so you can unwind with a cup of tea and fill out any necessary paperwork. We want you to enjoy every moment and not be rushed!

If you are enjoying a pedicure, please bring flip flops unless you are getting gel polish. Gel polish is instantly dry and requires no additional curing time. 

If you are having a facial or body treatment and are currently taking medications that may affect your skin's ability to tolerate certain products, please bring a list of medications with you so that our staff can make sure you receive appropriate treatment. 

If you are having a facial, please refrain from wearing heavy makeup. If our staff need to take time to remove your makeup, it will make the relaxing part of your facial service shorter or additional charges may be incurred.

If you are having a wax treatment, please make sure skin is clean and free of makeup, lotions, or oils. This may prevent the wax from adhering to the hair and may result in an unsatisfactory result or a longer treatment time than expected. The hair you intend to remove should be minimum 1/4" long and maximum 1" long in order to get optimal results with minimum pain. 

Our facility is a sanctuary for relaxation and we do not offer childcare during treatments at this time. Young children are not recommended to accompany guests for spa services. 


While You're Here

Please make sure all phones are turned off or on silent before you enter the spa. If you need to have your phone available in case of an emergency call, please feel free to leave it at reception and our staff will answer the call for you while you relax.


After You Leave

Please follow all aftercare instructions provided by your esthetician. These guidelines are given to ensure maximum comfort and results.